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Multi utility reading & Submetering: electricity, water, heat and gas – all data from a single source

Multi utility reading & Submetering enables us to optimise the metering and transmission service we provide. It is practical, quick and efficient.

A smart metering system offers a number of economic benefits and added value when used in the housing sector, industry, retail, commercial real estate and public institutions. With data being recorded and transferred in a fully automated manner based on the latest metering and communication technology, smart metering streamlines and speeds up many processes relating to the recording and billing of operating costs. By making the metering process fully digital, there is no need, for example, to drive out to the premises to read the meter. A smart metering system also enables feed-in plants and other applications (such as smoke detectors) to be integrated.

We offer a complete range of services – from assembly to full-service operation.

The values measured are transmitted and shared with the following partners:

Multi utility reading & Submetering contract partner (e.g. real estate and housing industry)

  • Data relevant to billing for preparing the utility bill,
  • Data relating to building vacancy management and detailed consumption and feed-in data for essential household systems (lift, utility room, etc.),

Energy supplier

  • Data relevant to billing for power and gas supply

End customer (connection user)

  • Lowering the additional costs for the tenants

Added value



Cresco Capital Group

1,800 metering points

Creso Capital Group

2,100 metering points

Pensionskasse der Bewag

650 metering points

Pensionskasse der Bewag

700  metering points

Personal consultation

After consulting with you to determine your specific requirements, we can develop a product package that provides you with maximum support for your projects. We would be pleased to inform you about our modular range of services during a personal meeting. We look forward to hearing from you.


Max Bernhardt

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