Compensation entitlement pursuant to combined heat and power systems act (Kraft-Wärme-Kopplungs-Gesetz - KWKG)

The aim of the KWKG is to contribute to reducing annual carbon dioxide emissions. To achieve this goal, combined heat and power systems (CHP systems) will be modernised and protected temporarily, the electricity generation through small CHP systems will be developed and fuel cells will be launched so as to save energy.

Remuneration and fees for systems according to the KWKG

For systems that are subject to the KWKG, remuneration is based on their performance and the year of commissioning. The new construction and modernization of CHP systems are funded.

Feed-in contract

The feed-in contract is concluded between the operator of the CHP plant and us. It forms the basis for feeding the electrical energy generated by your system into the distribution network and regulates the amount of your remuneration. The feed-in contract is drawn up after the CHP plant has been commissioned.

The contractual arrangement consists of the following parts of the contract:

Registering KWKG assets to the market master data register of the Federal Network Agency

Asset operators must include the following information in the market master data register:

  1. Information about the asset operator,
  2. The asset's location,
  3. The energy source used to generate the electricity,
  4. The installed capacity of the asset,
  5. Information on whether a financial subsidy is to be claimed for the energy generated in the asset.

The obligation to register also applies if the capacity for existing KWKG assets changes.

Please send us a copy of the declaration of registration for the system and a written declaration that you have sent the registration to the Federal Network Agency as proof of registration of your KWKG system with the Federal Network Agency.

Invoicing the fed-in electricity

Once the feed-in agreement has been concluded, the fed-in electricity is invoiced pursuant to the contractual stipulations.

We provide the following standard feed-in profiles for operators of small CHP systems that do not have counters for registering output.

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