Checking a meter

Correctly measuring your energy consumption is one of our most important tasks. In some rare cases, the meter provided may not function as required. If, when regularly taking meter readings, you get the impression that your meter is measuring your consumption incorrectly, you can contact us to request a meter check.

Carrying out an investigatory check will incur a charge and this must be paid in advance. If the investigation reveals that the meter is not measuring correctly, the cost of the investigatory check will be promptly reimbursed. Currently, the costs for an investigation vary depending on the type of meter between 230 € and 290 €.

Procedure for an examination of the findings

1. Fill out the online form

Please fill out the online form below

2. Personal conversation

We will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your data. In a personal conversation, we clarify the situation and agree on how to proceed.

3. Application for examination of the findings will be sent

You will receive a prepared application for the examination of the findings and instructions for the prepayment of the examination costs by letter.

4. Sign the application

Please sign the application and make a note of your telephone number to clarify the date for changing the meter. Send the signed application back to us.

5. Pay in advance

Please transfer the advance payment for the examination of the findings.

6. Meter is being exchanged

On the agreed date, an employee will come to you and exchange the meters.

The employee notes the expansion status of the old and the installation status of the new meter on a card and gives you the card.

7. Meter is checked

The dismantled meter is handed over to a state-approved test center, which checks the findings in accordance with the statutory regulations. A test certificate is issued by the test center about the test and the result and handed over to us.

8. Result of the test will be communicated

If the meter has passed the diagnostic test, we will send you the test certificate. Corrections to the counter readings are not carried out.

If the meter fails the test, you will be refunded the prepayment immediately and we will inform you of the failure. In this case, the test certificate will not be made available to you.

Redetermining meter readings

If one or several meter readings need to be taken for a period of time in the past due to an investigatory check that did not take place, this will be calculated using consumption and/or meter readings for the preceding and following time periods.

We will retroactively recalculate the meter readings on all relevant dates for the faulty meter until the most recent accurate reading, up to a maximum of three years previously. The relevant dates are

  • our annual meter reading appointments and
  • any point at which you changed your energy supplier.

The basis for recalculating the meter readings for up to a maximum of the previous three years is:

  • Your energy consumption and any meter readings that we have from before the fault occurred, or
  • energy consumption as measured by the newly installed meter over a period of approx. 6 - 8 weeks. To do this, a personal meter check will be carried out at your home.

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