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Meters - installation, disassembly and replacement

We are responsible for measurement equipment and meters for measuring electrical energy in Berlin.

The on-site activities are only carried out by a registered electrician. Additional work may have to be carried out on your electrical system. Please choose the electrician yourself.

Installation and/or provision of a meter

If you require a meter for your apartment, your house or just for a general withdrawal point, please choose an electro-installer yourself.

The electro-installer that you select will carry out the necessary preparation work, such as installing the meter mounting board, and will install the meter that we provide.

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We will provide the meter and the electro-installer will assemble it on the mounting board free of charge (including arrival and departure, registration and deregistration of the meter, tool costs and the like). You will need to bear the cost of any additional electro-installation work carried out by the installer.

Removing a meter

The electricity meter for your apartment, your house or your withdrawal point in general is only dismantled by a registered electrician and returned to us.

Before commissioning the electrician of your choice, please clarify the contractual and service components of the service, in particular the charging of the costs for dismantling the meter.

The electrician can invoice us for the work required to dismantle the meter, including travel to and from the site, registering and deregistering the meter, tool costs and returning the meter to us. The electrician receives a fixed fee for this. This means that you can dismantle the meter free of charge.

Any work required to shut down the withdrawal point or other work on your electrical system will also be carried out by the electrician. You must bear the costs for this work.

We recommend

Inquire in advance about the costs incurred for all necessary work from the electrician to be commissioned.

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Please note!

The electrical installer must be registered in the installer directory of Stromnetz Berlin.

Meter replacement

To replace an alternating current meter with a three-phase meter or to replace a traditional electro-mechanical (Ferraris) meter with a modern electronic meter, please choose an electro-installer yourself.

It is free to replace your meter (including arrival and departure, registration and deregistration of the meter, tool costs and the like). You will need to bear the cost of any additional electro-installation work carried out by the installer.

Routine meter replacement or exchange due to the expiration of the calibration period

We will occasionally replace the meter provided ourselves, either because

  • the meter's useful life has come to an end or
  • because the meter has been selected for a calibration period extension.

For replacing meters we may also use service providers on occasion.

We will notify you in writing of the scheduled meter exchange in advance. In this letter we will give an appointment for exchanging the meter and will name the intended service provider. If this appointment does not suit you, you can make an alternative appointment in consultation with us or our service provider.

If the meter is freely accessible, e.g. in a stairwell or a meter room/cellar, you do not need to be present for the exchange. The exchange will necessitate a break in the power supply of approx. 15 minutes. In order to prevent any damage to sensitive electronic devices, we recommend that you disconnect any such devices from the energy grid for the duration of the disruption.

After the exchange, our employee will provide you with an information sheet with the meter number for the old and new meters. The information sheet will also contain a note of the disassembly status of the old meter and the installation status of the new meter.

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