Around 2.3 million Berlin households and businesses are supplied through our electricity grid. They use around 14 billion kilowatt hours - as much electricity as an ICE train would need to drive non-stop for 200 years. In order to maintain and modernise the grid, and equip it with smart technology, we invest in the hundreds of millions every year.

Smart management

To ensure that the grid functions smoothly, we are decking it out with smart management technology and, at the same time, making it one of the smartest metropolitan grids in Europe. Additional technology enables central monitoring and management from the grid headquarters. The key advantage of this is that if an outage occurs, staff can respond quickly and redirect the electricity to other supply paths. In this way, outage times can be further reduced.

Long-term assurance of supply quality with a new substation in Wuhletal

A secure energy supply also requires new, modern technology. The current substation and its switchgears and transformers have reached the end of their useful life. Building the new substation guarantees a high quality of supply for a total of nearly 64,700 households and 3500 industrial and business customers in the Wuhletal area for the long term.

Saying goodbye to high voltage overhead cables

The very visible overhead cables in the Berlin area are being replaced in stages with underground high voltage cables. In the west of Berlin, all the high voltage overhead cables have already been removed. Positive side effects of the removal include higher transmission performance from the cable systems and a more attractive cityscape. Stromnetz Berlin GmbH's aim is to supply the city with electrical energy without any high voltage masts by 2030.