Netzdaten Berlin - our open data portal

We see publicly accessible information on energy supply, including the energy grids, as a prerequisite for the success of the energy revolution in Germany. Open Data has the potential to encourage innovation and have a positive impact on acceptance of the energy revolution. We are providing support both by publishing our own data and by working with other stakeholders in the open data world.

This is why, since 2012, we have been publishing our grid data via the open data portal The portal was created in collaboration with the Fraunhofer institute FOKUS, which develops concepts, technologies and solutions in the area of open data.

As we are currently updating our grid data portal, a call to the grid data portal will be forwarded to the open data portal of the project WindNODE. You will find our data there in the category "Netzdaten Berlin" in the previous form and to the same extent.

More information about the project WindNODE can be found here.

Data categories

The portal contains data on the capital's energy distribution grid, divided into eight categories. Alongside the usual structural data such as circuit length or the number of withdrawal points, it also contains other facts, such as information on feeding renewable energies into the Berlin grid and grid usage fees. The data is provided in a machine-readable format, e.g. as csv or xls files. Live data on load and generation can be called up for each district as 15 minute values via an interface.

Use of open data

The data from the portal is free for use by anybody with an interest. Possible applications include pure research and the development of new apps, based on the data. Requests from students tell us that the data is frequently used in studies. We can also see the data being useful to journalists.


At "Hack days" we support the using of our open data. In 2013 we have organized the „Energyhack – apps for the energy of the future“ and in 2015 the „Energyhack Reloaded – apps for the energy of the future“.

On 12 and 13 October 2018 the "ENERGY<->HACK² - for the city * for the energy revolution" has taken place.

All downloads are available in German language only.