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We are keen to engage in dialogue with you and appreciate any discussions and comments you may have. We ask you to follow a few rules in this regard – this is often referred to as netiquette. Our aim is to stimulate interesting, open and constructive dialogue in which everyone enjoys taking part. Netiquette should help everybody to contribute to a healthy public discussion.

Your opinion is important

Freedom of speech is a principle upheld in Germany, and we value all manner of opinions, even if they are not the same as ours. Please bear in mind that we (and others) want to be able to relate to your opinion. This means that irony, sarcasm and cynicism are rarely helpful if you encounter somebody who has a different perspective on things.

On the contrary, these prevent others from engaging in better dialogue and understanding things more clearly. What they do is provide grounds for arguments. Our goal is to stimulate an exchange, not for people to trade insults due to a difference of opinion. Please allow us to refer to this rule if the situation requires it.

Do not get personal

Talking about the matter at hand is part of what makes a good debate. Talking about other people or participants in the discussion does not. Personal attacks hamper any further discussion. Please avoid using abusive language, insults and degrading comments, and do not discriminate against people based on their gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or nationality. The same applies to slurs and defamation, and to comments that could harm the business or a person's reputation. Such comments may be considered a criminal offence, and we will be forced to delete them by law.

Observing general laws

Please be careful when handling personal data. You may not publish this data without prior approval, and we are legally obliged to delete it. This also applies to instances of copyright infringement, i.e. if you post content owned by other people. It is also prohibited to post illegal content, e.g. appeals or instructions to commit criminal acts, or statements that are liable to corrupt young people. The same applies to statements that infringe on personal rights and inflammatory, racist, obscene, discriminatory or pornographic content, as well as false, fraudulent, misleading or otherwise dubious content that is published without the intention of open or fair dialogue.

One more request – please stay on topic!

Comments that are not on topic do not belong in the discussion. This also applies to spam. Other posts that should be avoided include commercial or private advertisements of goods and services, and the improper use of the comment feature as an ad space for websites or services. It goes without saying that we do not wish to receive content associated with viruses, Trojan horses or malicious websites.

Our position as moderators

Our job as the social media team is to ensure that the rules are complied with. In some areas we are obliged by law to do so. We fulfil this duty by reminding participants of the principles of netiquette and deleting posts if this proves to be necessary. We will add a comment explaining our reason for deleting the post.

Found content that contravenes these rules?

If so, we would appreciate it if you would let us know.


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The following applies to Stromnetz Berlin employees

Internal, confidential or classified information – especially information pertaining to customers – does not belong online or on social media. Every employee is responsible for the content they post. Please observe all internal and legal requirements regarding the publication of information.