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Connect +: Launch of the data exchange for Redispatch 2.0


From October 2021, a new standard process for bottleneck management in power grids (Redispatch 2.0) will be launched. From 1 July, the network operator cooperation Connect+ will provide a nationwide solution for data exchange free of charge.

The legislator stipulates that bottleneck management will be coordinated between all market participants and network operators in the future. Until now, only large-scale power plants were used for this purpose at the request of the transmission system operators.

From 1 October 2021, all plants larger than 100 kW will be included in this process, meaning that renewable energies will also be involved. As a result, distribution system operators will also play an active role in bottleneck management in the future. “Redispatch 2.0 will also integrate renewable energies into bottleneck management in the future. This new standard process will optimise bottleneck management. The aim is to slow down the increase in costs.  This is made possible with the help of data exchange via Connect+,” says Jörg Brand from Westnetz.

In the ‘Redispatch 2.0’ project, the German Energy and Water Industry Association (BDEW) has developed an industry solution for this. The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has issued the key specifications.

In Redispatch 2.0, network operators in the transmission and distribution grid must coordinate intensively and exchange significantly more data with each other and with market participants in the future. That’s why the Connect+ cooperation offers market participants a standardised communication channel as a single point of contact. The cooperation is open to further network operators, and feedback and cooperation with market participants is also possible via the existing consultation groups. In the conception and development phase so far, a uniform interface has been created across Germany for the future exchange of Redispatch data. “This laid the foundations for the implementation of the introduction scenario required by the Federal Network Agency for Redispatch 2.0 in the third quarter of 2021 and the basic data exchange between the market parties and network operators, as well as the nationwide implementation of the new market role of data provider can begin,” says Dr Frank Reyer from Amprion.

The use of the RAIDA data exchange platform is free of charge. RAIDA was developed by the cooperation partners, together with the IT service provider Soptim AG from an existing IT system of Amprion. During the cooperation, the tasks are distributed among several partners. Amprion and Westnetz are responsible for hosting, while EWE NETZ is responsible for application management. “After a test phase lasting several months, RAIDA will be operationally usable for the Redispatch 2.0 as soon as the start of the introduction phase on 1 July 2021,” says Elfried Dieling from EWE NETZ. “That’s why all network operators, operations managers, plant operators and direct marketers are invited to support us in introducing the processes so that Redispatch 2.0 can be introduced in compliance with the rules.” Registration for the use of RAIDA began on 28 June 2021 via the website

The exchange of master data will start in Stromnetz Berlin’s grid area on 16 August 2021.

“Particularly in view of the dynamic framework conditions and the significant time pressure, it was a particular challenge to refine the scope of the TSO/DSO project into a comprehensive Redispatch 2.0 data exchange platform”, says Nikolaus Pleister from EWE NETZ. “With the foundation that has now been created, the cooperation still has a lot of potential to overcome further challenges in the course of the energy transition”, adds Frederik Obinger from TenneT.

Further information on the network operator cooperation Connect+ can be found at

Redispatch process at Stromnetz Berlin