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Stromnetz Berlin is once again owned by the state of Berlin


  • The transaction has now been formally completed

  • Joint raising of the Berlin flag symbolises a return to the state of Berlin

Today, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH has officially reverted to the ownership of the State of Berlin. Representatives of the state as well as Vattenfall GmbH and Stromnetz GmbH have symbolically completed the transition with a joint raising of the Berlin flag. The completion was made possible after Vattenfall GmbH, as the sole shareholder of Stromnetz Berlin GmbH, submitted a notarised offer to the State of Berlin on 23 October 2020 to acquire 100 percent of the shares in Stromnetz Berlin GmbH.

Senator for Finance Dr Matthias Kollatz had already signed the concession agreement. This means that the “concession procedure for the allocation of rights of use for the operation of the electricity supply grid of the general supply in the territory of the state of Berlin” is legally complete after almost ten years. The Berlin parliament agreed to the offer at its meeting on 17 June 2021.

Dr Matthias Kollatz, Senator for Finance: “We have achieved a good solution together. I would like to express my gratitude for the fair offer that Vattenfall GmbH has made to the State of Berlin. This was a key part in achieving this mutually satisfactory result. I would also like to thank all those involved for their constructive cooperation. The return of Stromnetz Berlin GmbH to state ownership also means a significant increase in the level of expertise. We are looking forward to welcoming new colleagues. And we also look forward to benefiting from their expertise and their fresh outlook from an outside perspective, which can only help us achieve the best when it comes to our shared goals and the State of Berlin. We depend on their skills if we want to make the energy transition in Berlin a success. And that is what we want to do.”

Christian Barthélémy, Chairman of the Management Board of Vattenfall GmbH: “Vattenfall is now fully focused on the other business areas in Berlin. We are all focusing on our goal of achieving fossil-free living within one generation for all Berlin residents. Coal phase-out by 2030 is the next big step, requiring many smaller steps. One example is the extension of the joint biomass sustainability agreement, which we signed last Friday with senator Günther.”

Thomas Schäfer, Managing Director Stromnetz Berlin GmbH: “We have always been committed to ensuring a high level of security of supply in the Berlin distribution grid. Berlin is facing major challenges in implementing the climate transition. Under the new umbrella of Berliner Energie und Netzholding, we are looking forward to continuing on this path together as a state-owned company with immediate effect and thus actively contributing to the success of the Berlin energy and transport transition.”

Ramona Pop, Senator for Economy, Business and Energy: “In order to successfully implement the energy and mobility transition, we need a strong urban network operator who will invest in the future. The state-owned electricity distribution grid will strengthen climate protection and security of supply in our growing city. Together with the other national companies, we will build the country’s infrastructure with a sustainable focus on the future. Welcome to the Berlin family of companies, Stromnetz Berlin! I look forward to working together in the future for the benefit of our city.”