Reading your electricity meter

We take a reading from every electricity meter in Berlin at least once a year, if the connection user has not commissioned a reading by an alternative measurement service.

In most cases, we try to take meter readings in person and on site. If this is not possible or not provided for, e.g. a meter on an allotment, we will send the customer a request for them to read their own meter.

Meter reading on site

The personally meter readings inside flats will done by employees of our service provider.

With your consent, the reader can enter your apartment and read the meter. It goes without saying that the reader wears a face mask and maintains the specified distances.

If the personal reading is not possible, we will send you a self-reading letter.

If the meter reader can get access to the meter, i.e. if it is installed in a central space or a stairwell, he will take the reading without contacting you.

Independent meter reading

On the agreed meter reading date, you can notify us of your meter status yourself:

  1. Online, via our website Online meter reading 
    Please have your postcode of the meter location, the meter number, the meter reading and the date of the reading to hand.
  2. Over the phone
    Please have the information given in the letter ready.
  3. With a self-reading letter
    We will automatically send you a request for self-reading if we were unable to read your meter on site. Please notice your meter reading and the reading date on the return form and send back the document within one week.

Questions and answers

Short overview of meter numbers