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Construction of a new substation in Rollbergkiez

We are investing in the future near you and thus in maintaining a secure electricity grid.

We are building a new substation in Rollbergkiez, Neukölln. It is being built right next to the old substation, which has been doing its job for more than four decades: Converting - transforming – and distributing electricity from the high transport level (110 kV) to a lower (10 kV) level in the district.

The new building will fit well into the Kiez area with its generous window front. The electrical systems are placed on several floors for space reasons. So the new building will be a little higher than the old substation, but will fit in well.

Approx. 38,000 households and 3,600 commercial units will receive energy from the plant in future, which will be equipped with modern switching and control technology.

Construction cornerstones:

  • Initial preparations for the new building began in autumn 2020 when the construction site was set up
  • Construction of the 4-storey building began on 2021/04/29 with the laying of the foundation stone
  • The shell will be ready in autumn 2022
  • The substation will be completed by the end of 2025 and supply energy to the citizens of Neukölln
  • By the end of 2027, the old substation will be rebuilt and the outdoor plants will be erected

Design of the building Neukölln substation

Martin Hikel (District Mayor of Neukölln) and Thomas Schäfer (CEO Stromnetz Berlin) at the laying of the foundation stone

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