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Smart Energy Showcase (SINTEG) national competition


The WindNODE consortium joins the race with a concept that aims to integrate 100% renewables

The WindNODE consortium joins the race with a concept that aims to integrate 100% renewables

Region with the highest share of renewables +++ Internet of Energy is top priority +++ Support from six federal states

A wide consortium of companies based in northeast Germany – a region with one of the highest shares of renewables in the world – has applied to the federal government for development funds to trial new ways of approaching the energy transition. United under the project name "WindNODE", powerful partners from the spheres of technology and industry aim to further promote the energy revolution. Under the leadership of transmission system operator 50Hertz, the group aims to test IT-assisted systems so that renewables can be safely fed into the grid even when the share of electricity consumption lies at 100% or more. WindNODE has the support of the premiers of the Federal States Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony und Thuringia as well as the incumbent mayor of Berlin.

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WindNODE, short for "Wind in Northeast Germany", is the ideal test region for the Smart Energy Showcases – Digital Agenda for the Energy Transition (SINTEG) competition organised by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi); even back in 2014, renewable energies covered 42% of the region's electricity consumption. Sparsely populated landscapes with high wind-energy consumption are connected to urban load centres such as the German capital, Berlin. Since the consortium encompasses 50Hertz's entire "control area", it can develop integrated solutions for the energy system as a whole, while focusing on digital technologies. The aim is to establish a comprehensive digital interconnection between generators and users (the Internet of Energy).

50Hertz, the consortium leader, welcomed the BMWi's announcement with open arms: "The announcement of support from the Federal Economic Ministry couldn't have come at a better time. Today, we stand on the cusp of a new phase in the energy revolution. Renewable energies have gone from being a niche product to a dominant energy source – particularly in our region. New approaches and intelligent networking are needed if we are to integrate renewable energy safely and efficiently. And we will incorporate both with WindNODE," explains Boris Schucht, Chair of the 50Hertz Management Board.

Consortium members include innovative companies from the renewables industry, IT specialists, energy producers and energy consumers as well as grid operators and researchers. The food industry is also represented thanks to the participation of the Schwarz Group (Lidl, Kaufland).

The Schwarz Group will select a number of Lidl and Kaufland stores to be fitted out as "showcase markets", where topics related to the energy revolution will be brought to life for customers. "The energy revolution means a change in consumption behaviour for all energy users. By making our stores more flexible, we can contribute to the safe integration of renewable energies," says Gerd Chrzanowski, Chair of the Schwarz Group.

A key feature of the concept lies in ensuring that people in the test region feel invited to participate, with the aim of going beyond a sense of acceptance and creating a sense of personal involvement and a genuine interest in the energy transition. In order to achieve this, the results in selected areas are to be made visible and tangible with a showcase character.

WindNODE is supported by a consortium of 44 powerful partners in the spheres of technology and industry, as well as 16 other associated partners. Project partners include transmission system operator 50Hertz, the city distribution system operator Stromnetz Berlin, energy supplier and grid operator WEMAG; technology groups Siemens, Bosch SI, T-Systems and Schneider Electric; renewable energies experts Belectric, Enertrag and Parabel; several municipal utilities, district operating companies (e.g. EUREF) and companies in the housing industry; energy users in key industries such as the automotive industry (Volkswagen), chemistry industry (infraLeuna, BASF) and semiconductor industry (Globalfoundries); retail chains Lidl and Kaufland (the Schwarz Group); and highly innovative small and medium-sized enterprises such as Grundgrün, Pumacy and IBAR as well as the "My energy for my city" initiative. The scientific monitoring is being carried out by prestigious universities and research institutes. By exchanging ideas with relevant associated partners in other countries – including with Polish distribution system operator Tauron Dystrybucja S.A. – the spotlight will focus on European ideas relating to the energy revolution.

Quotations from German premiers

Michael Müller, incumbent Mayor of Berlin
"Using the WindNODE project as a Smart Energy Showcase not only allows us to successfully make the national large-scale energy revolution project accessible to those involved, but to invite them to participate as well. Berlin's innovative start-up and developer scene means that we can get the best conditions and the most enthusiastic developers, operators, testers and users on board."

Dr Dietmar Woidke, Premier of the Federal State of Brandenburg
"The State of Brandenburg is a pioneer of renewable energy development, and therefore has a strong interest in ensuring that grid operation can be safe and effective despite fluctuating energy input. The WindNODE project allows us to establish successful regional solutions for improved system integration of renewables and to build on this model. This also includes, among other things, the attachment of integrated power stations in the Prignitz and Uckermark energy regions."

Erwin Sellering, Premier of the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
"The energy transition is the challenge of the decade for our country. In order to succeed, we require innovative technical solutions. And we must fight for people to accept the switch to renewable energies. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern supports this project because it combines both of these targets."

Stanislaw Tillich, Premier of the Free State of Saxony
"Saxony is the Energy State and a pioneer in the development and application of innovative energy technologies, particularly in the fields of storage and grid integration. It is these innovative technologies that must be deployed and connected in order to safely integrate renewables into the existing systems."

Dr Reiner Haseloff, Premier of the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt
"Saxony-Anhalt has huge potential when it comes to testing new concepts relating to the energy transition. The key elements of this process include solutions for smart energy generation and 
distribution as well as for smart energy consumption and flexible load management to the state's large industrial sites."

Bodo Ramelow, Premier of the Free State of Thuringia
"As a result of its remarkable starting position as an energy transit state, with no large power stations and high amounts of imported electricity, Thuringia is uniquely suited to trials relating to increasing the flexibility of energy demand, smart grids and the integration of energy stores. Our hope for the showcase project is to promote innovative technology applications and test new, forward-thinking commercial models."

Contact persons

50Hertz Transmission GmbH
(WindNODE Consortium Leader)
Volker Kamm
Press officer
T +49 30 5150 3417

Stromnetz Berlin GmbH
Julia Klausch
Press officer
T +49 30 267-10628

Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH
Wolfgang Korek
Head of Energy Technology
Deputy Cluster Manager of Energy Technology Berlin-Brandenburg
T +49 30 46302-577

Energy Saxony e.V.
Dr. Antje Zehm
Project Coordinator
T +49 351 486797-13

Siemens AG
Michael Hans Friedrich
Press officer at Siemens AG
T +49 30 386-24187

ZAB ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg GmbH (ZAB)
Dr. Dietmar Laß
Cluster Manager of Energy Technology Berlin-Brandenburg, ZAB Energie
T +49 331 660-3228