Short interruption required in Adlershof

Works at the Moissistrasse substation require that the electricity supply to Adlershof be interrupted for a few minutes.

At approximately 07:00 on Sunday 22 April 2018, the electricity supply to large parts of Adlershof will need to be interrupted for around five minutes only. This is due to refurbishment works at the Moissistrasse substation, which will further increase the security of the electricity supply. These works have now progressed far enough that the last phase will involve switching the electrical installations which provide power to a different transformer. Technically, this is only possible if there is an interruption to the power supply lasting around five minutes.

Around 42,000 householders and commercial customers in the Adlershof, Johannisthal, Altglienicke and Spindlersfeld districts will be affected by the interruption. Residents in the affected area will be informed in advance by Stromnetz Berlin in writing.

Stromnetz Berlin recommends unplugging all electronic devices, such as computers or TV sets, for the duration of the supply interruption. This avoids unwanted changes, such as to internal clocks and storage.