Micro grids

We support the goals set by the state of Berlin in terms of smart city and climate neutrality. Micro grids are a building block for achieving these goals.

What are micro grids?

Electricity is generated locally from renewable energies, with a photovoltaic system or combined heat and power generation with a CHP plant, for example, and made available directly to customers at the place of generation.

A prerequisite for micro grids is that the customers are connected to a dedicated generation system and can use the generated electricity. The micro grids must also be separated from the general supply grid with a totalizer.

How do micro grids work?

From plant operator to electricity producer and supplier

If customers wish to use the electricity offered by the micro grid provider, this must be agreed directly with the micro grid provider.

The supply of electricity must also take place if no electricity is produced by the dedicated generating system. The additional electricity required for this is obtained from an electricity supplier by the micro grid provider and taken from our distribution network via the grid connection. The micro grid provider is therefore the electricity producer, electricity buyer and electricity supplier to the micro grid users at the same time.

If more electricity is produced at times than is consumed by the micro grid users, the micro grid provider feeds this electricity into our distribution grid and can receive payment for this.


Tenants who do not wish to participate in the micro grid can continue to purchase their own electricity from an electricity supplier of their choice. The electricity passed through to this tenant is deducted at the totalizer, so that the micro grid provider only draws for the additional electricity required by the micro grid users. The electricity quantity required for this is calculated either by the distribution system operator or a metering point operator.

To ensure that your system is fit for the micro grid, please first have it checked by a registered installers. Once the check has been completed, the installer contacts us, agrees the technical conversion of the micro grid system with us.

Under what conditions do we implement micro grids?

Criteria are laid down in the Energy Industry Act for a micro grid system and must be met. If the relevant criteria cannot be met, a system is an energy supply network.

Questions and answers

In the following, we have compiled frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers for your information. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about micro grids. Please use our e-mail address mieterstrom@stromnetz-berlin.de for this.