Micro grids - the nuclei of Berlin's Smart Grid

As a regional company, we support the "smart city" and climate-neutrality targets that the Berlin region has set.

"Micro Grids" (also known as customer plants) are one part of the route to achieving these targets. Micro grids are used to manage the distribution of locally generated energy from renewable sources (EEG plant) or from Combined Heat and Power (CHP plant) among customers.

In a micro grid, it can be the case that the amount of energy generated locally exceeds or does not meet demand in that area. In such cases, we ensure at all times that excess energy from Berlin's electricity distribution grid can be absorbed or that additional energy is provided.

This makes micro grids the nucleus of the smart grids of the future and enables climate-friendly energy generation close to the customer.

In Berlin, over 350 micro grids have now been incorporated into the electricity grid. By the end of 2020, around 400 micro grids will be integrated in the Berlin grid.

Micro grid evolution in Berlin

Micro grid advantages

For plant operators For end users
Contribute to increasing environmentally-friendly electricity generation Draw electricity from an environmentally friendly, local electricity generator (micro grid) or from another energy provider of your choice: you still have an open and discrimination-free choice of electricity provider
Flexible and tailored generation plant structure Simple energy consumption calculation
Access to an attractive business model Secure electricity provision, even in situations with fluctuating generation from renewables