We install renewable energy meters in just one week

We want to see an increase in the amount of power generated from renewable energy sources:

  • We never hesitate to connect systems that use renewable energy to our grid; in fact, we see it as a priority.
  • We make it our priority to immediately accept all the power generated by these systems from renewable energy and distribute it.
  • Moreover, we reimburse customers for power generated from renewable sources in accordance with the minimum remuneration rates set out in the Renewable Energies Act (EEG).

The promise's validity period

The promise applies to all new operations and runs from 26 September 2011 until 31 December 2022.

* The promise does not apply:

  • If the system operator fails to provide all the relevant documents.
  • If the meter panel was not built or set up in accordance with Stromnetz Berlin GmbH's current connection specifications.
  • If the system operator commissions a third-party meter operator to install the equipment and perform the metering.