Modern metering device

A modern metering device is a digital meter with a multi-line display and the basic version of the new meter.

A modern metering device measures electricity consumption and displays the current meter reading in the display. This stores the meter readings each day on a rolling basis for 24 months. You can check the current meter reading via the multi-line display at any time. After you enter your personal identification number (PIN), you can also use the display to check the current amount of power used, meter readings over the last 24 months, and consumption rates for defined time intervals. A PIN needs to be entered in order to display personal data.

A modern metering device is not connected to a communication unit, meaning that the measured values cannot be read remotely. It is not possible to (remotely) control the meter either.

A modern metering device is operated using a conventional flashlight via an optical button on the meter.

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Who is entitled to receive a modern metering device?

  Period exchange
Electricity consumption rate up to 6,000 kWh within 16 years from October 2017
Operation of a generation plant with a capacity of up to 7 kW within 16 years from October 2017

Advantages of the technology

Modern metering devices provide information about the actual electricity consumption rate directly on the meter's digital display. In addition to the meter reading, you can use the display to view electricity consumption rates from various periods of utilisation, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly and yearly up to two years prior to the current date. You can also check the current use rate on the modern metering device's display.

This increases transparency regarding your electricity consumption in comparison to conventional meters, thereby allowing you to alter your consumption patterns and save money in the process.

A modern metering device can be upgraded to an intelligent measuring system at the request of the customer.

Data access and protection

As with a regular meter, the meter reading can be taken directly from the modern meter. On a modern metering device, protected personal consumption data can be accessed by entering a PIN. The PIN is uniquely assigned to the meter and cannot be changed. The PIN is issued to you by our customer service team.

The data recorded by a modern metering device is not read remotely. This means that your responsible meter operator (Stromnetz Berlin), network operator or energy provider (or other market participant as the case may be) does not have access to your consumption data. This new type of meter will continue to be read locally by one of our representatives once a year. If it is not possible for us to read the meter locally, you will receive a letter with a request to read the meter yourself.

Replacing the technology

We will inform you in good time by letter about the replacement of your meter and the appointment for replacing your current meter with a modern metering device.

  Modern metering device Intelligent measuring system
Display of meter reading and consumption in display via an online portal with personal access
Can be read remotely No Yes
Can be controlled remotely No Yes
Data storage Meter readings for 24 months from integration into communication network
Protection of data PIN input on meter Protection profiles and guidelines for data transfer in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
Illustration of time-variable or load-variable tariffs  No Yes

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