Online tool for developers: calculate home connection costs quickly and easily

Berlin's distribution system operator Stromnetz Berlin GmbH has developed an online tool for calculating the cost of a new home connection in three steps. The home connection calculator is available now at www.stromnetz-berlin.de/hausanschluss. This makes Stromnetz Berlin the first grid operator in Germany to provide its customers with an intuitive tool to assess the cost of connecting their homes.

It isn't just private developers who can use the new tool to get a quick overview of the cost. It can be used to support architects and electrical installers in managing building projects on detached houses.

The first two steps on the app ask for all data required to assess the cost. These include, for example, the installation location and the length of the cable. With the help of the tool, the user can quickly compare the cost of receiving their home connection in the house itself as opposed to installing a connection column in the garden. Moreover, the developer can view the potential for savings by doing it themselves, e.g. independently carrying out underground construction work on the land, such as digging cable trenches.

View of the home connection calculator