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Junction box styling 2017: We have the winners!


Around 130 keen young artists, teachers and parents gathered at Moabit Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant on Wednesday afternoon.

Around 130 keen young artists, teachers and parents gathered at Moabit Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant on Wednesday afternoon. They waited excitedly for the winner of this year's "most creative junction box" competition to be announced. Ultimately, this was not just about recognising artistic achievement, but about getting some extra income for the class kitty, as well as some fantastic prizes.

Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Stromnetz Berlin GmbH, finally put an end to the tension, together with Big Moe, host on Radio 98.8 KISS FM, by announcing the jury's results in three categories:

Classic prize for junction boxes
1st place:
Jugendhilfezentrum Haus Conradshöhe (youth welfare centre)
Design „Graffiti Pfau“

2nd place:
Lisa-Tetzner-Schule (Berlin-Neukölln)
Design „Wunder des alten Ägyptens“

3rd place:
Grundschule am Fuchsberg (Berlin-Marzahn) primary school
Design „Weltraumchaos“

Special prize "Projects" for junction boxes
The winners of this category were two junction boxes which both received the same number of points from the jury for their designs "After the sun comes the moon" and "Supercat". The other prizes were awarded to "We are not alone" and "Unicorn". All of the designs were by Bernd Ryke Schule (Haselhorst).

Special prize for transformer stations
The winner is a project by Helliwood media & education im fjs e.V. learning centre (Friedrichshain) with its transformer station "Above the clouds". "Our wonderful world" by Amtsfeld-Grundschule primary school (Köpenick) took second place.

Public prize for junction boxes
As well as the jury, Berlin residents also had two weeks to vote online for their favourite junction box. This year the result was clear. The design "Airport Fire Engine" by Evangelische Grundschule Friedrichshagen primary school was the winner. The winners can look forward to a team cinema trip with popcorn.

40 Berlin schools with a total of almost 1,000 pupils restyled a total of 500 junction boxes and 40 transformer stations from March to October 2017. Nearly 30 of the participating school classes and projects entered their results in the competition. As in the previous year, pupils were assisted in the design process by the associations meredo e. V. and Helliwood media & education im fjs e. V.

Overview winning boxes.

New year, new designs: Stromnetz Berlin will continue its "junction box styling" project in 2018. The interest was so great that all spaces have already been allocated for next year.