Stromnetz Berlin's website is now available in multiple languages

Stromnetz Berlin is living up to Berlin's diversity and making their website available to interested Berliners in additional languages

Stromnetz Berlin's Website is available starting immediately in five additional languages, as well as in "simple German". Alongside German and English, many of the pages have been translated into French, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and "simple German".

Simple German is a special form of the language which is very easy to understand. It is characterised by short sentences, simple explanations and omitting or explaining foreign words. It serves the accessibility of websites and allows people with linguistic impairments to access important information.

The pages Meter reading, Fault management, House connection, Complaints and arbitration, and Contact were translated 1:1 into the additional languages. Furthermore, based on the category "About us", there is a comprehensive description of the company in the new languages. The new pages can be accessed easily and directly using the site's language toggler. If the toggler appears on a page which is not available in the extended languages, the user is redirected to an overview page for that language. From there, users are pointed towards available pages via the adapted navigation bar and teaser.

Another new function is the integration of Google Translate. This function makes it possible to translate every page of the website into a huge variety of languages.