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Stromnetz Berlin publishes estimated grid fees 2022


Efficient management reduces grid fee increase

Berlin households can expect slightly higher grid fees for 2022. Higher costs and investments in the Berlin distribution grid will lead to a moderate increase, which will be buffered by the company’s solid business activity. 

"The Berlin grid is characterised by very efficient operations management. This is also reflected in the current development of grid fees. We are investing heavily and will continue our investment programme at a high level in the years to come. However, this will inevitably lead to higher costs due to higher purchase prices for energy, raw materials and materials, among other things, which are reflected in the amended grid fees. However, these investments by Stromnetz Berlin are absolutely necessary in order to meet the growing requirements for a high-performance distribution grid for the capital," says Thomas Schäfer, Chairman of the Management Board of Stromnetz Berlin GmbH, regarding the predicted grid fees for 2022.

In 2022, grid fees for Berlin household customers will also consist of an unchanged basic price of 39.70 euros and a moderately changed labour price of 6.59 cents per kilowatt hour (ct/kWh). The annual price of 8.51 euros for the operation of a traditional meter (single tariff meter) comes on top of this. For a Berlin household with an average annual electricity consumption of 2,050 kWh, this adds up to an additional cost of around 20 cents per month. With an increase of around 1.4 percent, Stromnetz Berlin’s grid fees are significantly lower than the increase in grid fees from the upstream transmission grid of 50 Hertz Transmission GmbH announced at around 3 percent.

The grid fees are a component of the electricity price and are charged equally via the electricity tariffs of all electricity suppliers operating in Berlin. On average, they account for about a quarter of the price of electricity. Grid fees consist of the costs for the transport of electricity (grid usage fees), the fees for the operation of the meters, the consumption measurement and billing as well as the costs of the upstream transmission grid. The amount of the fees is determined in accordance with the specifications of the Federal Network Agency.

In accordance with Section 20 (1) of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG), Stromnetz Berlin GmbH must publish the fees for grid access on the Internet for the following year by 15 October each year. The estimated grid fees can now be viewed here. Stromnetz Berlin has thus informed all suppliers and grid customers about the adjustment of grid fees. All published fees are estimated fees. Changes may still be made up to the effective date of 1 January 2022.