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Junction box styling Schools can now apply for 2024!

Last year's winners have been decided – schools from Pankow, Reinickendorf, Spandau, Mitte and Lichtenberg-Hohenschönhausen are among the winners


This year’s junction box styling project for schools has been in full swing since March. Students have been decorating junction boxes and transformer stations belonging to Stromnetz Berlin, the state owned grid operator, in their neighbourhoods with colourful motifs. Around 500 “grey boxes” are transformed into mini works of art every year. About half of the 17,500 power distribution boxes operated by Stromnetz Berlin have now been redesigned in this way.

The junction box styling project has since made a name for itself, with schools and their funding associations designing cable distribution boxes in their districts for more than ten years now.

Participation in junction box styling is limited and the places are much sought-after. It is important to apply quickly: Starting today, applications for the 2024 junction box styling can be made (use contact form).

The winning boxes for 2022 have been decided – the public's favourite has been chosen!

At the customary award ceremony for junction box styling, many of the young artists involved once again made their way to the Moabit CHP plant this year. The winners were selected by the jury in the three categories "Projects", "Classic" and "Transformer Stations".

Prizes included a contribution to class funds and vouchers for various activities.

“Projects” category

1st place

dreieins primary school (Pankow) / Motif “Small white dust of peace”

2nd place

dreieins primary school (Pankow) / Motif “Zille in nature”

3rd place

dreieins primary school (Pankow) / Motif “Skater Zille”

“Classic” category

1st place

Albrecht-Haushofer-Schule (Reinickendorf) / Motif “toothpaste surfer”

2nd place

Philipp-Reis-Schule (Lichtenberg) / Motif “jungle trabants”

3rd place

Paul-Schmidt-Schule (Hohenschönhausen) / Motif “Gigantic”

“Transformer Stations” category

1st place

Stötzner-Schule (Reinickendorf) / Motif “Animals of the Forest”

2nd place

dreieins primary school (Pankow) / Motif “Spring in Japan”

3rd place

Herbert-Hoover-Schule, Movegirls Project (Mitte) / Motif “Fantastic beings over Berlin”

Public's choice for junction boxes goes to Spandau

After almost three weeks of voting, the "Ronaldo" motif from the Mary Poplin primary school in Spandau won the public's choice. The winning group received more than 4,000 likes in the Berlin-wide online vote, significantly more than the other competition entries.