Complaints and arbitration

Annoyed with us? Or have we failed to resolve an issue to your satisfaction?

Please give us the chance to improve the situation second time around.


If you are dissatisfied with a situation or the way that your issue has been dealt with, please use our form to describe the current situation and how you wish to resolve it. We will deal with your request promptly and get back to you as soon as possible.


If you are dissatisfied with our response to your complaint or the rejection of your request, you can initiate an arbitration procedure. The arbitration procedure will be carried out by Schlichtungsstelle Energie e. V. (Energy Arbitration Board).

Having joined in 2012, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH was the first German electricity grid operator to become a member of Schlichtungsstelle Energie e.V. Amicable solutions are important to us and we will play an active role in resolving arbitration proceedings as a direct opponent in the arbitration process and as an involved party.

The requirements for an arbitraiton procedure are:

  • You have already contacted us with a complaint and we have rejected your claim or we have not given a reply within 4 weeks,
  • You are a private customer (consumer as defined in Section 13 BGB (German Civil Code)),
  • The issue in question relates to a connection to the supply grid, electricity supply or measuring electricity.

You can contact the arbitration board on:

Schlichtungsstelle Energie e. V.
Friedrichstraße 133
10117 Berlin
Phone: 030-275 72 40-0

Stromnetz Berlin GmbH is obliged to participate in the arbitration process.

Submitting a complaint

Please use the link below to set out the necessary information, describing the reason for your complaint and your desired solution.

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