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Reuse of Tegel Airport

Change is the only constant in life: a characteristic symbol of our capital is changing – Tegel Airport.

The final flight marks the end of the airport and the start of construction of a state-of-the-art commercial, industrial and residential area. To this end, Tegel Projekt GmbH, on behalf of the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing, is promoting the plans of the Urban Tech Republic and the district known as Schumacher Quartier.

Stromnetz Berlin GmbH has been a reliable partner since the initial infrastructure planning days back in 2012.

With the return of the land to the state of Berlin, Stromnetz Berlin took over the airport’s existing 6 kV grid in 2021 and has since ensured a secure power supply to the area.

The existing grid systems will continue to be operated, but will be successively replaced by the laying and installation of a modern, efficient electricity distribution grid within the next two years.

Project milestones

The “Reuse of Tegel Airport” project programme consists of several connected projects that interlink like cogs on a wheel:

a) Provisional connection to the medium-voltage grid
The Urban Tech Republic and Schumacher Quartier have increased power requirements, requiring new cables (10 kV medium and 1 kV low voltage) to be laid between the site and a nearby substation shortly.

b) Own substation
In the coming years, however, the demand for power will continue to grow, meaning a first substation will have to be put into operation at the site.

c) Connecting the substation
In order for the new substation to be able to supply customers, it must have its own connection. The laying of the 110 kV high-voltage cables is already progressing in parallel with the construction of the substation. This means it can be integrated into Stromnetz Berlin’s high-voltage grid without delay.

d) Innovative medium and low-voltage grid
We are building an innovative medium and low-voltage grid to adapt the supply for the approx. 15,000 business, household and commercial customers to future requirements.

e) Further substation in planning
If the power requirements of this new, up-and-coming district continue to rise, ideas for another substation are already being developed. This will ensure the supply of power directly from the Urban Tech Republic site.

Support for planners and property developers

If you are planning or want to carry out your own construction work on the Urban Tech Republic or Schumacher-Quartier site and need information on lines or the establishment of a connection, we have compiled the contacts for you in our guide.

Guide for connection inquiries on the Urban Tech Republic site

Download in German language only.


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