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Promotion plan from Stromnetz Berlin aims to support women

Company aims to increase female employees by 25 percent by 2029 / part of the company’s diversity efforts


Over the next six years, Stromnetz Berlin aims to increase its share of female employees in the company to 25 percent. The current figure is 21.3%. By then, half of the management team should also be women (it currently sits at 25%). The goal for female trainees is 20 percent (2022: 5.8%). The company has documented this in its promotion plan for women for 2023 to 2029 as part of its diversity efforts. The plan includes a catalogue of concrete steps, from the type of job advertisements issued to work-life balance, and training and development planning.                                                     

In the lead-up to 2029, Stromnetz Berlin has set itself the interim target of having 23 percent women in the workforce and 35 percent in management, as well as 10 percent female trainees for 2025.

Stromnetz Berlin women's representative Alexandra Felix-Platz states: "Responsibility for diversity and, in conjunction with this, the promotion of women at our company is relevant across all levels of the organisation. We also believe our management team has a particular role to play in, and a responsibility for, implementing the promotion plan for women."

Anna-Sophie Tenner, deputy women's representative at Stromnetz Berlin, adds: "The promotion plan for women is not exclusively aimed towards women at Stromnetz Berlin. It also contains points on creating flexible working models that apply to everyone in the company.

From now on, Stromnetz Berlin’s promotion plan for women will be evaluated every two years and is available to read at page work with us.