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New substation provides secure power supply for thousands of Berlin residents


The new Sellerstrasse substation is complete. Three years after work began, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH was able to commence operations on schedule today.

The new Sellerstrasse substation is complete. Three years after work began, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH was able to commence operations on schedule today. As of now, the substation will play an important role in electricity distribution for more than 19,000 households and 3000 businesses in the centre of Berlin. The Sellerstrasse substation is also critical in terms of supplying electricity to the "Europacity" development area and the peripheral development around the main station. The responsibilities of the new connection point in Berlin's Wedding district include guaranteeing the security of supply, ensuring network stability and relieving the load on neighbouring network areas.

For Stromnetz Berlin CEO Thomas Schäfer, there are several reasons to celebrate: "Everything has gone to plan in terms of schedule and budget for this investment. We have added another innovative component to Berlin's electricity distribution grid, and this development will take us further along the path towards a secure, modern and smart energy supply for the capital."

Substation Sellerstr.

Berlin's distribution network operator invested EUR 35 million in the station along with the work required to connect it to the network. Equipping Sellerstrasse substation with state-of-the-art switching and control technology helps to lower the risk of power failures and enables the facility to be integrated into the Berlin electricity grid's central control system. This means that power can be restored very quickly in case of an outage.

The linchpins of the new substation are a gas-insulated − and therefore extremely space-efficient − 110 kV high-voltage switchgear and an air-tight 10 kV switchgear. This has a secure capacity of 63 megavolt amperes (MVA). The building was constructed in close consultation with the owner of the neighbouring land, the city planning authorities and Berlin's construction committee, and boasts a figured glass facade. It was designed by the architects Heide & von Beckerath.

When the 110 kV feed for Sellerstrasse substation was established, the 110 kV distribution network in central Berlin was also restructured to offer sufficient reserves to meet future electricity requirements (load increases). To this end, Stromnetz Berlin has laid several 110 kV cables in the city centre and converted the technology in other Berlin substations.

The new substation in Wedding is not the only infrastructure project being carried out by Stromnetz Berlin at present: a range of other grid expansion measures are being implemented, including the construction of a new 110 kV network node in Charlottenburg. For 2017, the company is spending a total of EUR 209 million on these and other projects to expand and maintain the capital's distribution grid. The latest information on our investment projects is available here