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Installer documentation

We provide installers, consultancy firms and other interested agencies with a comprehensive reference manual for the installation and operation of electrical systems connected to our distribution network.

Technical information on connections to the distribution network

Low voltage grid connection documentation

Medium voltage grid connection documentation

Please note
Simplification when connecting generating units in a customer installation to the 10 kV medium-voltage grid:

  • Under certain conditions, the installation of voltage protection is waived.
  • This simplification will apply from 22.09.2023 and will be incorporated in the new edition of the following Medium Voltage Technical Requirements.
  • For further information, please refer to our page "Generating units and storages".

Technical requirements for medium voltage grid, version 2022, valid from 01.01.2022

Technical requirements for medium voltage grid connections (TA-MS), version 2022 - valid from 01.01.2022 


Appendix 1 - Rated value
Appendix 2 - Connection principles
Appendix 3 - Prevention measuring terminal strip
Appendix 4 - Measuring transformer
Appendix 5 - TAR 4110 Forms
Appendix 6 - Checklists

TB3304 - Cable conduit ditches customer property
TB3310 - Air-insulated medium voltage switchgear customer grid station
TB3311 - Gas-, air-, solid-insulated medium voltage facilities in walkable and compact grid stations
TB3340 - Remote control of network and customer stations in the medium voltage grid
TB3351 - Assembly compact grid stations
TB3364 - False floor grid and customer grid stations
TB3371 - Electrical grounding
VN37 - Electrical grounding

Technical requirements measuring device
Technical requirements for grid security management


Picture 1.1
Picture 1.2
Picture 1.3
Picture 1.4
Picture 1.5
Picture 1.6
Picture 1.7
Picture 1.8
Picture 1.9
Picture 1.10
Picture 1.11

2-4-1726-11 Bl.2 - Operating diagram DSZW4 divers electric equipments
2-4-1727-11 Bl.2 - Operating diagram DSZW4 one electric equipment
2-4-1733-16 Bl.1 - Measuing device with voltage protection with chute protection
2-4-1733-16 Bl.2 - Measuing device with voltage protection without chute protection
3-4-1720-15 Bl.1 - Measuring device with chute protection
3-4-1720-15 Bl.2 - Measuring device without chute protection
3-4-1726-11 Bl.3 - Terminal strip DSZW4 divers electric equipments
3-4-1726-11 Bl.4 - Connection diagram for remote signaling for divers electric equipment
3-4-1727-11 Bl.3 - Terminal strip DSZW one electric equipment
3-4-1727-11 Bl.4 - Connection diagram for remote signaling for one electric equipment
3-4-1799-7 - Measuring device closed ring

Medium voltage forms:

TAR Medium voltage 4110 Forms

Additional documentation:

Technical guideline for electricity stations used on construction sites 2009
Contacts construction substation
Approved factory-ready electricity stations
Approved switchgear

Please contact the persons listed on the "Connection medium and high voltage" page should you have further questions.

All documents in German language only.

Generating units connection documentation

You can find all the information and documents on the page generation units and storages.

Planning aid for charging infrastructure

To set up a charging infrastructure, the power requirement must be determined. If several charging points are planned, a simultaneity factor must be taken into account when determining.

To determine the individual power requirement, use the specifications in the technical connection conditions. In addition, we provide you with two alternative planning aids.

Meter application / installation

Information on meter applications and access to the meter installation portal.

List of installers

This page contains all information required for registering to be added to Stromnetz Berlin's list of installers.

Meter depot

Picking up and returning meter around the clock.